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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find registration forms?

Forms are available on this site by following the Register Now button or clicking on this link

How do I register my child?

Please submit your registration form, payment and financial assistance form to the registrar at:

  • Online at susnshinepointcamp@gmail.com
  • In person at Deerbrook Realty 59 Eugenie Street E

How soon do I have to pay?

Your registration is not complete until we receive payment. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve spots without payment.

How can I pay? 

There are 4 easy ways to pay for your child's camp

  • E-transfer to sunshinepointcamp@gmail.com (don’t forget to send the answer to your security question)
  • Paypal at Kiwanissunshinepointcamp.com – click on donate button
  • Cash payment can be coordinated with Registrar and hand-delivered to

Deerbrook Realty, 59 Eugenie Street E., Windsor, ON N8X 2X9 – Attention Dan Inverarity

  • Money Order to the Kiwanis Club of Windsor– Delivered to Deerbrook Realty

 Is there financial assistance available?

The Kiwanis Club of Windsor is proud to offer assistance to those who need it. We believe all children in Windsor and Essex County who wish to come to camp can join us. Forms are available to download on this site by clicking on this lin

Is proof of income required to qualify?

We require that you submit your most recent tax return when applying for financial assistance

Can my child be with their friend?

As long as the children are within the same age group we will work to have them registered for the same week. Please make sure that the registrar is aware.

Where and when is drop off and pick up?

All information on transportation can be found on this site by clicking this link


Where is Kiwanis Sunshine Point Camp?

KSPC is located on Lake Erie at 955 County Road 50 East, forty-five minutes from Windsor, between Colchester and Kingsville.

Can I visit my child during the week?

We know you will miss your child as this is often the first time they have spent an extended time away from home. However, we highly discourage parents from coming out to visit. We have found that children who are having fun and enjoying their experience suddenly being homesick when their parents come by and often leave. It is also disruptive to other children who then want their parents. If there are issues with your child, our counselors will contact you.

What should they bring to camp?

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Pajamas
  • Clothes for the week
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent – recommend something with Deet
  • Prescribed medications
  • Do Not send electronics including cellphones

My child requires medications – can they still attend?

We have a senior nursing student on staff. They will ensure medication is properly administered. Please send your child with enough of their prescribed medication for 7 days. We ask for a couple extra just in case something happens to a dose.

What type of support is there for accidents or sickness

We have a senior nursing student on staff as well as a lifeguard who is trained in first aid. These members are our first responders and will immediately call 911 should it be required.

My child has food allergies – can you accommodate?

We can accommodate most allergies including celiac disease. Please check in advance with the registrar. As we have up to 60 children each week we do need at least 2 weeks' advance notice to prepare and adjust menus.

We follow a religious diet – can you accommodate?

We will do our best to accommodate, however, we are not a religious-based camp. Please check with the registrar to ensure your needs can be met. As we have up to 60 children each week we do need at least 2 weeks' advance notice to prepare and adjust menus.

Can my child go a second week?

We would love to have your child for a second week. We like to make sure all children have a chance to come out so we may work with you as to timing. Please let the registrar know.

How can I get ahold of the Registrar?

Please email all questions and concerns to our Registrar at sunshinepointcamp@gmail.com.

In an emergency how do I get in touch with someone at the camp?

Please message our Facebook page at Kiwanis Windsor